LPA Audio Visual 2023

By | March 9, 2023

Results for the LPA AV Competition 2023

Dave Thompson 1st Place 2023 AV
01 PHLincolnshire Churches Inside3.46Graham TaylorCleethorpes
02 PHLincoln Cathedral4.29Jorj MalinowskiLincoln
03 PHWinter2.56Janina NashCleethorpes         PH  C
04The Loud One7.00Lynne DonovanClps            N  2nd + Aud
05Days Gone By5.52Dave EneferCleethorpes
06Richard. Rick. Ricky7.00Dave ThompsonCleethorpes        N   1st
07Ring a Ring a Roses4.48Bryan HurtLincoln
08PHTulips1.51Scott HallNELPS
09 PHThe Memory Remains5.00Mike BennettCleethorpes       PH  HC
10 PHThe Magic of Autumn4.55Dennis FarrowCleethorpes
11Bolingbroke Back in Time6.42Ron AbbottPinchbeck            N  HC
12On Our Doorstep7.00Lynne DonovanCleethorpes
13Somewhere in Time3.41Graham TaylorCleethorpes
14A Tin Safari4.38Dave EneferCleethorpes           N   C
 15Rural Rituals6.26Tony TaylorPinchbeck
16 PHAlien Dreams5.00Jorj MalinowskiLincoln
17PHPainted Ladies4.12Bryan HurtLincoln              PH  2nd
18PHUnderground3.54Mike BennettClps           PH  1st +Aud
19Lost. Found. Saved.7.00Dave ThompsonCleethorpes        N   HC
20Carrington Flying High6.47Ron AbbottPinchbeck
21Haugham Church5.05Dennis FarrowCleethorpes
22What is an Orchid?6.21Tony TaylorPinchbeck             N   C