Fosters Colour Challenge

Announcing the Fosters Colour PDI Challenge
To be held via Zoom

Sunday September 12th 2021 1.30pm for 2.00pm start

This is a Club Competition for colour PDIs
Competition entry is free

  • An entry is 6 PDIs. Maximum 2 per author
  • No PDIs may be older than 2 years at date of competition

The judge: Nick Hilton DPAGB EFIAP BPE5 from Leyland PS

The deadline for submitting the entry form and the six images is

Wednesday August 25th 2021

The format of the competition is unchanged: the method of delivering it will be an adventure!

This competition is normally held in April.

The competition is for club entries of 5 coloured prints (plus 1 tie breaker). There are 5 rounds. In each round the judge eliminates some prints. The prints eliminated in the first round score 1 point. If they are eliminated in the second round they scores 2 points, and so on to round 5. The judge awards one print, the one he considers to be the best, 6 points.

The club with the most points at the end wins the trophy; the 6thprint comes into play if there is a tie.

This competition is for colour prints only. The original sponsors were  A. Foster and Son Ltd. (established in 1947 by Albert Foster as a photo processing lab). They asked that this competition be for colour prints only.

2020 Fosters Colour Challenge did not run due to COVID