Judges and Lecturers

Judges & Lecturers

The speakers/lecturers listed on the tab below are willing to visit member clubs subject to any restrictions quoted adjacent to their entry.  There is no obligation for a speaker to accept an engagement but, once it has been accepted, it is hoped that only serious difficulty will necessitate a change or cancellation by either party.

Changes must, of course, be notified as soon as possible.

If you wish to offer your services as an LPA Judge or Lecturer.

Please download the pdf application form, complete it, and email it as an attachment to the email address on the form.

Judges & Lecturers – Feedback Form

Feedback can be given through praise and constructive criticism.
Constructive feedback is information-specific, issue-focused, and based on observations.
Positive feedback is news or input to a judge, lecturer or club about an effort well done.
Negative feedback is news about an effort that needs improvement.
Negative feedback doesn’t mean a terrible performance, but rather a performance in which the outcomes delivered could be improved upon