LPA Print Battles

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This is an inter-club competition.

It is held over three legs in May, June and July, with the finals each year in October. We call each of these legs ‘home rounds.’

The entry consists of 16 prints, which can be mono or colour (15 for the entry and 1 for a tie-break).

Usually, each home round consists of three clubs competing against each other.

The scoring from each home round is added together, and the six clubs with the top marks go to the finals in October.

Home Round Clubs must notify the organiser and the clubs of the fixture date and judge by the end of March.

Competing Clubs must send an entry form listing their titles to the organiser by the end of April.

Details of the finals are usually released in late August.

At the finals, the selected clubs will present the same images and once again compete against each other.

The judge will award scores to each print, and a winning club will be determined.

Finals are held at Nettleham Village Hall near Lincoln.


Final Date: Sunday, 13th October 2024 

Judge: Heather Burns ( Triple Master Craftsman, Judge and Panel Member with the Guild of Photographers )

Below are the entry forms for the competition:

If you are using Microsoft Office, downloading the Microsoft Word Format version is recommended.

You may find the Open Document Format version works better if you use Open Office or similar.

2020 & 2021 LPA Print Battles did not run due to COVID